Shopping Guide

Buying in the online store is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Choose the section (Whites, Brut, Sparkling, Rosés, etc.) and the family (type of product) or choose your favorite brand from our drop-down menu created for this purpose.

2. Discover all the products that we offer, with just one click you will be able to see the photo of the product, all the characteristics of the article and other information required by current consumer protection regulations such as the price and description.

3. Add the item you want to purchase to the shopping cart and choose whether you want to continue shopping or process the order request.

4. If you want to continue purchasing, repeat the search process, but if you want to process the order request now, click on “Confirm the purchase request with payment obligation” in the shopping cart.

5. To begin processing the order request and for it to be processed, you must truthfully tell us your personal information and the order shipping address.

6. Select a payment method: credit/debit card.

7. Check that the information contained in your order request is correct and confirm it so that your request is processed and studied.

8. Once your order request has been processed, its origin or viability will be examined by the Purchasing Department and you will therefore receive an SMS or email with an explanatory informative text.

9. If your order request has been rejected by the Purchasing Department of Carayol y Castellar S.L, Carayol y Castellar S.L will not process it and will be explicitly informed by SMS or email of the cancellation of your order.

10. If your order request is accepted, Carayol y Castellar S.L will proceed to collect payment for the purchased item as well as process the delivery of the order. You will be duly informed of the approval of the order request as well as the delivery time of the purchased item by SMS or by email by sending a specific communication.

11. If you wish to receive a complete invoice for the purchased product, you must select the option “Billing information other than Shipping Information” in the shopping cart form and you will be asked for the appropriate information for processing.

12. When the purchased product leaves the warehouse for delivery to your home, you will receive an email or SMS with the order tracking number and order delivery note number.

13. We remind you that once the purchased item has been received or delivered, you as a consumer have the so-called right of withdrawal, which in the case of Carayol y Castellar S.L. has been decided to be set at 30 calendar days, as an additional commercial guarantee period for the exercise of said right.

14. Carayol y Castellar S.L, as a distributor, will only return the product and refund the price as long as the returned item is exactly the one purchased, has not been unsealed after delivery, is in perfect condition and has not been opened. or used, except for defect or defect. For all these reasons, we ask you to examine and read, before opening and removing the seal, the labeling of the purchased item, which will include all the information related to the characteristics of the purchased good in accordance with the provisions of consumer protection regulations.

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