A good wine is not only in the winery but in the vineyard, viticulture, and its care.

Welcome to Bodegas Carayol y Castellar, where tradition and passion intertwine to bring our exceptional wines to life. We have meticulously cultivated each vine that adorns our lands. Located in Galera, a unique and conducive terrain for cultivating grapes of exceptional quality. We take pride in saying that our vineyards are more than just a cultivation field; they are the very essence of our identity.

In Bodegas Carayol y Castellar, we practice sustainable agricultural methods that respect the land and preserve its biodiversity. Each vineyard is carefully managed, from pruning to harvest, with the aim of producing grapes of the highest quality, reflecting the purity and authenticity of our terroir.


Our wines have a unique quality and personality

5 hectares of vineyards owned, cultivated organically.

Up to now, we have completed five campaigns:

  • Campaign 2012-2013: 4,000 bottles. Product launch (white and rosé sparkling).
  • Campaign 2013-2014: 10,000 bottles (white and rosé sparkling).
  • Campaign 2014-2015: 10,000 bottles (white and rosé sparkling).
  • Campaign 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019: 15,000 bottles (white and rosé sparkling).
  • Campaign 2019-2020: 15,000 bottles.
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These are the main grape varieties from our vineyards:

  • Brut Nature: Blanca Gordal, Macabeo and Chardonnay.
  • Brut Nature Reserva : Blanca Gordal, Macabeo and chardonnay
  • Rosado:Blanca Gordal and Garnacha Tintorera.

Completely handmade labeling

Label: This label includes all the necessary information as stipulated by regulations. In the sparkling wines, the Gordal grape variety is used, which is a native grape not yet covered by designations of origin, making it impossible to belong to any specific designation of origin.

Capsule and Band: The retractable capsule adheres to the bottle with a ribbon or band featuring Nasrid motifs in relief to give it a touch of our land.

Handcraft Guarantee Seal: Comprising Batch Number, Bottle Number, and harvest year. Everything is done manually by the winery’s owner (Pedro Carayol) and ratified by bottle-by-bottle signature.

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Discover the soul of our vineyards

Our vineyards house a careful selection of grape varieties, each chosen for its unique expression and distinctive character. Each vine contributes to the richness and complexity of our wines. Explore the diversity of our vineyards, where each bottle tells the story of the land that saw it born.

We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience when visiting our vineyards. Stroll among the rows of vines under the warm sun, breathe in the fresh air that caresses the ripe clusters, and feel the connection to the land that nurtures our grapes. Discover how every detail of our vineyards is reflected in the character and exceptional quality of our wines.

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Carayol & Castellar wines are crafted from grapes grown in vineyards situated at 950 meters above sea level, allowing the grapes to reach their optimal ripeness.


The climate varies significantly during the grape ripening season, with daytime temperatures being very hot and dropping an average of up to 15ºC during the nights. This factor is highly beneficial for their slow maturation.


The soil has to provide substances that are crucial for growth. For the vine to grow easily, the soils should be predominantly clay and limestone, although it also needs soils low in organic matter and that are deep so that water can filter easily.

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