Our history

Ancient lands
to the north of the province of Granada.

Bodegas Carayol & Castellar officially began in late 2012 with the establishment of a small family winery in the municipality of Galera. However, the project began to take shape much earlier, the result of a long-standing winemaking tradition deeply rooted in this Granada municipality. For five years, Pedro Carayol, the company’s owner, and his wife Inmaculada Castellar have been conducting experiments with a native grape variety from this area.

This young company’s commitment is to the local indigenous products, conducting years of independent research to get the best performance from this grape variety, traditionally used by locals to make their wines. The work and dedication of the last 5 years around “la blanca gordal” resulted in the production of a white and rosé sparkling wine that has been very well received in the region.

Investigation and development

This winery is working on a research project on local varieties that includes the white Gordal variety, the main base of Carayol Castellar wines. The project is promoted by the Granada Altiplano Development Group together with the IFAPA (Institute for agricultural and fishing research and training). In this way, this winery has made vines available for the experimental field, carrying out the care, treatment, monitoring and sample collection tasks that professional researchers determine.

However, in this sense, the owners of these vineyards have been pioneers in the research, production and treatment of this local variety, since for years they investigated the possibilities that this grape offered, reaching the conclusion that it was a variety with fantastic characteristics for sparkling wines.


From the Vineyard to the Table

The great winemaking tradition of Galera dates back to ancient times, and new generations have combined artisanal craftsmanship with modern techniques to produce high-quality wines suitable for all palates, including the most demanding.

Our mission is to expand in the market, all based on our core values: the use of the local grape variety makes our sparkling wines exclusive and unique in the market, thanks to their grape variety and artisanal production process.

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Our sparkling wines were awarded at the Altiplano de Granada wine competition in 2014, receiving a gold medal for the white and a bronze medal for the rosé.

Subsequent vintages were recognized in the international competition CATAVINUM WORLD WINE held in La Rioja, earning the following awards:

NATURE CARAYOL&CASTELLAR: Medalla de plata 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

EXTRA BRUT CARAYOL&CASTELLAR (24 Meses) Medalla de Plata 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

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